Everything you can and cant claim on your investment

Generous it might be but the Australian Tax Office goes to great lengths to police the tax system for property owners and every year thousands of Australians find themselves audited by the taxman for questionable claims or dodgy deductions. Tax law is complex so whether you have already dipped your toe into the property game or are considering making a future investment, it pays to understand the basics. Income The rent you earn on your… Read more »

Taxable payments reporting – building and construction industry

Businesses in the building and construction industry need to report the total payments they make to each contractor for building and construction services each year. You need to report these payments to us on the Taxable payments annual report by 28 August each year. To make it easier to complete the annual report, you may need to check the way you currently record your contractor payment information. The information reported about payments made to… Read more »